Drama in Tallinn: Estonian passenger aircraft made ​​an emergency landing due to a tire explosion


The passengers that took flight number OV473 of “Estonian Air” in last Thursday, will not forget this day so soon.

On Thursday, a passenger plane of the Estonian national company made, ​​an emergency landing at the international airport of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, after the plane left tire burst during the takeoff. After two hours of pressure, the plane landed safely.

CRJ900 airliner sample of “Estonian Air” took off at noon in Tallinn International Airport in his way to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and carried 82 passengers in the board and four crew members. Immediately after the takeoff from the Estonian capital, the pilots have contacted with the control tower in Tallinn and informed them that one of the wheels of the plane has exploded during the takeoff. State of emergency declared immediately after the Tallinn airport control tower instructed the aircraft to return and make an emergency landing in a field.

But the landing was not immediate. The plane, that turned back, had to spend another two hours in the air and made circles around Tallinn in order to empty its fuel tanks, and only then. The aircraft made its emergency landing that ended Fortunately, in peace.

After landing, firefighters rushed to the plane to cool the plane’s left tire that exploded in order not to ignite from the heat generated by the landing. Passengers, except for a slight shock and nervous tension, were not harmed.

Indrek Randveeras, a member of the management of the company, said in an interview that some remains of the blown tire were found on the track. According to Randveeras, it is still unclear what caused the plane’s strong tire to blow up, and therefore an investigation committee was created on the subject. “Estonian Air informs that today’s evening flight OV473 from Tallinn to Amsterdam made an emergency landing at Tallinn Airport. According to preliminary information the left tire blew on takeoff from Tallinn Airport.
The CRJ900 airplane carrying 82 passengers and four crew members landed safely at 20.24 at Tallinn Airport. The maintenance team checked the aircraft and the aircraft taxied to the parking stand. Passengers will be rerouted to the destination with other aircraft.
Estonian Air apologizes for inconvenience” The company announced on its official’s website.

It is the first time for “Estonian Air” that their plane was involved in such situation.

Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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