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Do you want to earn bitcoins? Try these simple ways!


Money is needed by everyone, and we all are putting maximum efforts to make a sufficient amount of money to live a good standard of life. With modern technology, most things have been already changed, and some of them will change soon in the future. One such thing is the currency that we use as a common medium of exchange.

Currently, we use paper notes as a common medium of exchange, but virtual currency, also known as the cryptocurrency, has started replacing it slowly. Bitcoin is the most used digital currency and offers way more advantages than traditional currencies. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows you to make transactions while being anonymous and without revealing any details.

Bitcoin is quite expensive as the current rate of one bitcoin is around $13700, which makes it is unaffordable for an average person. If you want to acquire some bitcoins, then you must use the Bitcoin trader and trade bitcoins.

 The Internet has provided numerous platforms and opportunities which you can use for earning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Some of the best ways to get bitcoins are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Earn bitcoins with online shopping

Online shopping is getting highly popular nowadays as it is immensely convenient, but only a few people know that you can also earn bitcoins with online shopping. There are numerous cashback services such as Lolli, which offers bitcoin rewards for shopping with any of their listed merchants. All you need to do is make a purchase with any online merchant, which is a partner of Lolli.

You will get a cashback in the form of bitcoins with every purchase you make. All bitcoins are stored in the Lolli wallet, and you can only withdraw or transfer them when the total amount reached $15 or more. You can earn more bitcoins from this service by referring it to your friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Store bitcoins in a crypto interest account

If you have already invested in bitcoins, then you can use them to earn more bitcoins, and that too for free. You can store your bitcoins in an interesting account and sit back and relax while receiving a good amount of Interest on it every month. Most of the Interest accounts offer Interest around 8% per year, but it is compound Interest, so it becomes 8.65 for the whole year.

It is immensely easy to create an account, and there is no minimum limit of deposit. You can deposit any number of bitcoins, and you will earn Interest in it. Basically, these accounts lend the deposited bitcoin to different institutions, and a share of return they get from it is given to the account owners as the Interest.

Play online games

If you want to have some fun while earning bitcoins, then one of the best ways is playing online games. There are several types of online games, such as online betting, where you can win bitcoins for free. Numerous online bitcoin casinos have been opened up where you can place bets using money and get bitcoins in return if you win the game.

There is a wide variety of games that you can enjoy in online bitcoin casinos, such as sports betting, slot games, casino games, lotteries, etc. if you have good luck and some gambling skills, then you can earn a lot of bitcoins easily.

Freelance content writing

If you have good control over your grammar with impressive writing skills, then you can easily make some bitcoins without investing any money. There are infinite freelance job opportunities available with which you can earn bitcoins by writing content related to bitcoins. You must ensure that your content is fresh, unique, and attractive.

If you want to create high-quality content on bitcoin, then you need to have good knowledge about its working, aspects, and features. The better-quality content you will offer, the higher amount you will be paid in the form of bitcoins.

The other option is to immediately transfer money to your bitcoin account after completing your freelance orders to do homework for money or another writing job.

Complete surveys and watch videos

There are some companies that pay bitcoins to users to fill out surveys and watch particular videos. It is the most effortless way in which a person can earn bitcoins. You can select which survey you want to complete and for each survey completed, you get some bitcoins.

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