Crystal meth use is still a problem in Lithuania


Research shows crystal meth use is still a problem in Lithuania, although adolescent use peaked in the late 2000s. 0.03 million Lithuanians are current users of methamphetamines, including the drug’s most dangerous form: crystal meth.

With strong, addictive and long-term effects, methamphetamine use destroys the health and well being of young people around the world. While surveys indicate fewer people are using the drug, risk groups need good information about why crystal meth is so dangerous.

The anti-meth advertising campaigns produced by the Montana Meth Project (MMP) in 2005 emphasize the unique physical effects of crystal meth, and its role in turning a healthy individual into a shadow of his former self. Other states and organizations modeled ad programs on the MMP, but later research shows there may be a better use for drug education dollars. Some of the strongest evidence linking brain health to heart health is that your heart pumps about 20 percent of your blood to your brain, where billions of brain cells are nourished by oxygen and nutrients from your blood. Consequently, if your heart is not pumping well, or if your brain’s blood vessels are clogged or damaged, your brain cells may have trouble getting all the nutrients and oxygen they need. Millions of people depend on home oxygen therapy to get by on a daily basis. Those who suffer from low oxygen levels can often feel tired, have dizzy spells and can even suffer greater consequences, such as a heart attack or stroke. In order to receive home oxygen therapy, a person must own or rent a home oxygen machine and be supplied with oxygen; normally on a monthly basis. The problem however is that home oxygen therapy can be expensive and people these days are finding their costs completely denied by Medicare in some instances. New regulations were enacted this year that makes it quite difficult for home oxygen users to change suppliers. The new regulations mean that suppliers will be receiving a higher payment in years one, two and three of service, but then the payment rate drops drastically in the 4th and 5th year.

What this means is that if a home oxygen therapy user tries to switch suppliers after the 3rd year, then the new supplier may deny them services because they do not want to lose out on the money they receive if the patient was still in the first three years. At the end of 5 years, the whole system resets and suppliers begin to get paid the premium rates again, but it leaves many people stranded and stuck with suppliers that they do not want to be with. It also puts home oxygen therapy patients at risk for getting hit with a big bill from a new supplier.

The new regulations were put into effect to try and scale down on Medicare costs, but this recent trend shows that patients are suffering from the new rules. The only option patients seem to have these days is to call their insurance provider and stress the provider switch so that the insurance company can help assist them in finding a provider that will accept whatever payment Medicare is willing to provide at that time.

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Messages about drug use must walk a fine line between offering accurate information and making a drug seem so dangerous that some people see the ad as ridiculous.

Risk factors for crystal meth use align in some ways with other risk factors for drug use. Researchers who study drug use note addiction is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Young people are in the greatest danger because their developing brains are more sensitive to addictive substances, making them more likely to get addicted and giving the substances a greater effect on them. Maturing brains make adolescents more likely to take risks and make less complete judgments.

Studies on crystal meth find young men who are most likely to use the drug. People, who live in Vilnius, Klaipeda or Kaunas, have also used other drugs (marijuana, cocaine).

Ingvar Henry Lotts
Dr. Ingvar Henry Lotts is the founder of the Baltic Review (ISSN 2029-2643). He is member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of the BALTIC REVIEW and President of the Union of Lithuanian Germans (LVS). Ingvar Henry Lotts lives in Vilnius with his wife Elvyra, a orphanage director, and their daughter Anna-Gertruda, student of the Vilnius University.

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