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Citi Custom Cash Credit Card Offers: Cash Back Benefits

Citi custom card
Citi custom card

Citi is often considered one of the most competitive credit card providers. Their ability to offer cash back credit card benefits has made them one of the most popular credit card choices.

Citi custom card

If you are seeking a credit card that will not only save you cash, but also allow you to build credit, Citi custom card could be the right choice for you. Citi offers a number of cash back credit card benefits which gives you more flexibility when choosing a credit card. Here’s a look at Citi custom card benefits.

Citi custom cash card offers five percent cash back on your purchases of select everyday grocery and gas items. This makes it an excellent choice for optimizing your everyday shopping without monitoring extra monthly spending categories. The Citi card allows you to apply for an intro bonus up to $1000 dollars with a fifteen minute application. You have up to a fifteen-day grace period to use the cash back benefits.

Variety of Rewards Programs:

Citi offers a variety of rewards programs to choose from including airline miles, department store credit cards, restaurant coupons and much more. There are also incentives to cash back with every purchase including gas, groceries, department store items and home appliances. The rewards offered with its custom cash card include travel points and bonuses for every dollar spent. You have up to three months to use the benefits before you must cash out.

Incentive Packages:

Citi offers four different incentive packages for their credit cards. The first two incentive packages offer free air travel. The third rewards program offers five percent cash back on all purchases for up to a year. The fourth incentive package offers three percent cash back on all purchases for up to three months. You can decide how long you want the special offers to be and which category you want to fit into. The Citi custom cash card offers three months of the regular rewards on the regular credit cards.

Apply or Citi Custom Cash:

When you first apply for the Citi custom cash, you will be asked to fill in your address, social security number, employer and birth date. This information is used to create your profile so that credit card companies will be able to send you a custom cash card that is right for your needs. Once you complete your profile, you will then be sent your application and an approval notice. After you are approved you will be mailed your card and you can begin using it the same day.

Citi offers different types of rewards programs including travel, cash back and department store credit cards. They do not mix these two reward categories up so that you have to choose between them. The Citi custom card offers are offered with no annual fee, no membership fee and no maintenance fees.

Cash Back Rate:

One of the biggest advantages with the Citi custom cash card is the cash back rate. They offer the highest cash back rate among the major banks and credit card companies. The cash back rate is based on the purchases you make during your first year with Citi. If you make purchases during your first year with any other company, you will not earn any cash back on those purchases. Citi requires you to pay a one time fee to open the account. You will have to pay the one time fee again if you decide to close your account.

Citi custom cash credit card offers give you the flexibility to use your credit card for making just about every purchase in the market. You will get access to the largest rewards program today. Citi is also one of the lowest interest rate cards today.

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