China is helping Lithuania Post to strengthen its infrastructure


Lithuania Post strengthen its infrastructure and position in the mail sector

Lithuania Post has opened a new logistics centre in Kaunas, Lithuania, with operations beginning in the middle of March.

The new logistics centre will be able to process larger mail volumes and achieve higher delivery performance with regard to domestic mails and international items.

With the new logistics centre, Lithuania Post will strengthen its infrastructure and position in the mail sector.

Last year, Lithuania Post concluded agreements with several Chinese companies in the area of delivery of mails sent from China to European countries.

“China has a well-developed e-trade, thus cooperation with this country is both a challenge and new opportunities. E-commerce is gaining popularity in Lithuania too, thus we need larger and more advanced logistics centres to process growing volumes of mails,” CEO of Lithuania Post Lina Minderienė said.

The new logistics centre will have ten-times more docks for intercity mails and fifteen-times more docks for courier mail items. Also, a modern mail sorting line and surveillance system will be installed, and there will be separate premises for mail sorting, storage, and reloading. The centre will have about 200 employees including 30 new workplaces.

Initially, Lithuania Post is going to make investments of 175 thousand euros to purchase new equipment. The premises will be rented from the manager of the building.

Despite falling volumes of letter-post items, the number of small packets sent is growing. For instance, the number of items received in Lithuania last year increased by 14% compared with 2013. With growing numbers of people buying online, the number of items originating from abroad, especially China and the US, is also rising. Last year, the number of items posted from China made 47% of international items received in Lithuania. The most common weight of the items is up to 2 kg.


Source: Post and parcel

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