Catalan leader Puigdemont in Brussels, reports say


Disgusting. Such a coward. And disgusting on the part of Theo Franken and the PM who let this happen.

Posted on 10/30/17 | 3:56 PM CET


Sin Rebllion requires violence and even weapons and if Puigdemont is indeed in Belgium now the Spanish general attorney will have to actually found his accusations unike in Spain, let’s see how well he fares trying to argue that there was violence in independentist demonstrations in front of an independent judge.

Posted on 10/30/17 | 3:59 PM CET


Yeah…the great “managed democracy” by the IV Reich seems not fit with real democratic people aspirations…

Flemish region seems to be one of the next on the list to start partition…anyway these regions are far bigger than Malta, Estonia, Luxembourg,…

The European dreams of an Europe of Regions is starting to be true…maybe a little sooner than expected by the head manager of the “European democracy”…

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:07 PM CET



Schengen has its advantages then. Well at least they can request a European arrest warrant….

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:11 PM CET

François P


Theo Francken applies Belgian law. EU citizens can apply for asylum in Belgium. Thus Puidgemenont can apply for asylum. Doesn’t mean that his asylum request would be granted automatically. And Francken doesn’t decide on asylum claims.

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:12 PM CET



What on earth are you talking about??

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:14 PM CET


“Catalan people who feel politically threatened can ask for asylum in Belgium,”

Priceless!! What better place to hide, than in the european capital of jiyadism? Belgium may be located in the heart of Europe, but its soul seems deeply rooted in some exotic Banana Republic.

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:26 PM CET


@cinceur, Very easy, rebellion requires the use of violence and weapons, none of those things happened, the charges are false and no judge outside of Spain will ever lend them any credibility. The attorney decided who to convict and then fabricated the charges in colaboration with Guardia Civil.

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:32 PM CET


From an objective observers point of view it would seem to me that the Catalonians held a very dubious referendum that was flawed. The Spanish govt has been responding to this all month in a very heavy handed manner which must have pushed some into the independents camp.

Spain then seems to have created a sort of coup d’état in removing an elected president without indicting him first.

The Catalan premier for the first time appears to be acting rather cleverly and strategically by going to Brussels,

If he asks for asylum this will mean the next step of the Spanish govt will be crucial in either cementing their lawful authority OR of once again appearing to be heavy handed.


What with the problems in Spain, long winded coalition discussions in Austria, Germany and Holland and the derisory numbers who voted for Macron, it is beginning to make Prime Minister May look rather ‘strong and stable.’ ?

Posted on 10/30/17 | 4:59 PM CET


EU Commission should set up a prison for EU political prisoners at its premises in Brussels or Strasbourg.
It would have many advantages including appointing a new Commissar – preferably of German origin and new department with high paid jobs for supervision of the prison and prisoners.

Posted on 10/30/17 | 5:03 PM CET

Source: Politico

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