BALTRON: Ships of Lithuanian and Latvian navies will train in a joint exercise


On August 10 MCM vessel of the Lithuanian Navy LNS Sūduvis (M52) departs for Liepaja (Latvia) to take part in a bilateral Lithuanian-Latvian exercise Baltron Squadex II-15 of the Baltic Naval Squadron (BALTRON) alongside 4 Latvia’s warships from August 10 to 21. The naval unit will be training in Latvia’s naval training centre in Liepaja, territorial sea and exclusive economic zone of Latvia

The two-fold exercise will comprise coastal and at-sea training parts. During the first phase officers of the participating ship crews will use a simulation system at the Liepaja naval centre to train conducting damage control, fire extinguishment, communications and the watch.

Later on the ships will complete ship maneuver, mine neutralisation, gunnery, at-night fire, aircraft defence, search and rescue, underway replenishment, and rescuing ships in distress, also ship monitoring and reporting, and other assignments.

Latvia sent four ships of its navy to the exercise: LVNS Virsaitis (A53) command and supply ship, LVNS Imanta (M04) MCM ship, LVNS Varonis (A90) Varonis supply ship, and LVNS Jelgava (P08) patrol boat.

Lithuania contributes two staff officers to BALTRON in 2015 to the positions of the chief of the joint staff and a staff officer. In the second semester of this year LNS Sūduvis (M52) MCM ship is also assigned to BALTRON.

Lithuania and Latvia carry on with BALTRON activities and Estonia has withdrawn from the unit since 2015 as a result of resource revision. Ships of the Baltic navies are training together as part of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1).

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia established trilateral rapid reaction Baltic Naval Squadron (BALTRON) in 1998 as part of their defence cooperation. Key BALTRON mission is to contribute to the maritime security in the region, to decrease mine threats in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zones of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, to expand mutual understanding and increase collaboration abilities, and to cooperate with units of NATO allies.


Source: Lithuanian Armed Forces

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