Baltic states in Sochi 2014: Day four review

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi turned into to it’s fourth day and the athletes from the Baltic states continued to take part in numerous competitions.


Men’s Pursuit race was the main event in biathlon yesterday in Sochi. Lithuania’s Tomas Kaukėnas finished the race at the 40th place with three missed shots and 36:49.8 minutes in the race. The Latvian Andrejs Rastorgujevs showed good performance when he missed only one shot and took the ninth place with great time of 34:36.9 minutes.

Estonia sent to this race three biathletes. Indrek Tobreluts finished at the 45th place after 38:00.5 minutes on the track and had three misses. Kuri Kõiv finished one place after Tobreluts and also missed three times during 38:10.2 minutes in the race. Daniil Steptšenko was the last biathlete who crossed the finish line and he stopped the clock at 40:52.0 minutes. Steptšenko had bad race when he missed seven shots.

Martin Fourcade

Martin Fourcade in action | www.sochi2014.com Photo


The winner of the 12.5 Km pursuit race was the French Martin Fourcade who crossed the line after 33:46.6 minutes. The silver medal won for the Czech Republic Ondrej Moravec. France celebrated two medals in this event after Jean – Guillaume Beatrix won the bronze when he finished third with great time 34:12.08.




Short track speed skating

Lithuania’s Agnė Sereikaitė took part in 500 meters race and finished third in her heat with 45.356 seconds and missed a ticket to the quarterfinals. The Latvian Roberto Pukitis, who raced in men’s 1500 meters race, finished the first hit at the fifth place with 2:30.671 minutes but he advanced to the semifinals after that the Japanese Juko Takamido failed him during the race. At the semifinals, Latvia’s sprinter finished fifth again with 2:16.961 minutes and failed to reach the final race and finished at the overall 15th place.

In the finals, the Canadian Charles Hamelin won the gold with amazing time of 2:14.985. The silver medal went to Chinese sprinter Han Tianyu who crossed the finish line after 2:15.055 minutes while the bronze went to the local athlete, Viktor Ahn who was slower by 0.007 seconds from the silver when his time was 2:15.062.

Speed skating

haralds silvos

Haralds Silvos during the race in Sochi | www.sochi2014.com Photo

The Latvian Haralds Silovs took part in 500 meters race. At round one he stopped the clock at 36.12 seconds, time that placed him at the 39th position. During the second round the Latvian managed to improve his position by one place and was ranked as 38th after 36.32 seconds in the race. Therefore, his final rank is 37th with total time of 72.44 seconds.

Netherlands celebrated three medals in the finals of this event when Michel Mulder won the gold with total time of 69.31 seconds, Jan Smeekens with 69.32 seconds and Ronald Mulder gave to the “Orange Team” the all three places in the podium.


Aleksejus Podpruginas
Aleksejus Podpruginas is The Baltic Review author based in Israel

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