Lithuania: Anykščiai Treetop Walking Path gains International recognition


Anykšciai Treetop Walking Path has gained international recognition through the first award for innovation in enterprises from the United Nations Tourism Organisation celebrating excellence and innovation in tourism sector

Other shortlisted contenders included Brazil, Indonesia, Spain and Switzerland.

This year, 109 applications were received from 50 countries. The finalists included 15 projects from Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland, Cambodia, Nepal, South Africa, Croatia and Korea.

The UNWTO Awards Forum, involving project presentations, was held on 18 January 2016 in Madrid, while the Gala Awards Ceremony, revealing the winners, took place on 20 January in collaboration with Madrid International Tourism Trade Fair Fitur.

The Treetop Walking Path in Anykščiai Regional Park came to life thanks to the State Service for Protected Areas, and happens to be the first of its type in the Baltic region.

Stretching for 300 meters, the treetop walkway reaches the altitude of 21 meters above the ground, ending in a tower with an observation deck at an altitude of 34 meters.

The tower deck is decorated to the pattern of a folk ribbon coming from that particular ethno-cultural region, called Aukštaitija. Its façade is painted with typical motifs in the form of the rhombus.




Anykščiai Treetop Walking Path and summer sledge

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