USA media portal BuzzFeed invited its readers to include Vilnius and Lithuania to the destinations that must be visited in year 2016.

The readers are encouraged not to underrate our country because Lithuania has to offer a stunning architecture and history, impressive forests, sandy beaches, and unique food. It is recommended to access the country through the capital Vilnius, which Old Town is included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

Other tourist destinations on the list include the Faroe Islands, Normandy, Sicily, Havana, the capital of Cuba, Taipei, and Abu Dhabi among others.

From the list of 18 countries Lithuania is the only country from the region of Eastern and Nordic Europe which was added to the list.

The list also includes Abu Dhabi (UAE), Puerto Princesa (Philippines), Kathmandu (Nepal), Bavaria (Germany) and other exotic locations.


Vilnius Cathedral
Vilnius Cathedral, Lithuania © by Ingvar Henry Lotts