Two million are in Latvia. It is only 0.4 percent of the total EU population, but those 0.4 percent are special

Each day there are 56 newborns, 79 deceased, 23 arriving and 62 departing persons within that percentage figure.

In Germany there are 229, in the Netherlands 497, but in Latvia there are only 31 people per squere kilometer.

Yes, our number isn’t a small topic. It’s for a serious conversation.

See more in the video below:


True or false quiz about Latvian culture

“Natives of Latvia are called Letts” Is this TRUE or FALSE?

The video below contains of fascinating true facts about Latvia and mixed it with a few fictional facts – can you guess which ones are true and which are false?

There are 12 “facts” altogether. and here’s a helpful tip: there are at least 3 false and at least 3 true but you will have to check out the answers on website Listen & Learn to see how many there are of each and which ones you got right.