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Latest international migration data confirms previous suggestion of a ‘Brexodus’ by EU citizens from Britain, a year since the nation’s decision to leave the European bloc.

Figures from¬†the United Kingdom’s Office of¬†National Statistics (ONS) released November 30 revealed that 230,000 more people came to¬†live in¬†Britain than¬†left, the lowest figure in¬†three years which observers are tying to¬†the Brexit referendum result of¬†June 2016.

The overall number of migrants settling long-term in Britain from 2016 to 2017 has also fallen by 106,000 from the previous year.

The figures represent a decline of¬†a third compared with¬†the preceding three months, the head of¬†the ONS’s international migration statistics has cautioned that the figures may not yet represent a long-term trend.

ONS statistics released November 15 indicated sharp declines in¬†the numbers of¬†migrants coming to¬†the UK from¬†Eastern European countries which an observer from¬†the Oxford Migration Observatory attributed to¬†the decline in¬†the value of¬†the pound as¬†well as¬†the uncertainty over¬†Britain’s future immigration system once it has left the European Union in¬†2019.

“There has been a very significant reduction in¬†migration from¬†the EU8 countries, it has fallen from¬†around 40,000 a year to¬†around 7,000 a year. The margin of¬†error is actually about¬†14,000 so you may actually be seeing negative net-migration,” Robert McNeil of¬†Migration Observatory¬†at the Oxford University has previously told Sputnik.

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Eastern European immigration to¬†the UK has been a major contributing factor to¬†previous historically high figures especially since¬†the E8 countries including Poland, Latvia, Lithuania Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia and Slovenia joined the European Union in¬†in 2004 in¬†addition to¬†the ‘E2,’ Bulgaria and Romania which acceded in¬†2007.

Migration from the E8 countries has dropped precipitously to by 34,000 to 8,000 migrants overall.

The EU15 which saw a decline of 29,000 to 55,000 net migrants, represent the original founding members of the European Union before the admission of the E8.

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Source: Sputnik News