Juan Kerr

LOL, I listened to it all and I never heard any new ‘concession’ re ECJ.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:06 PM CEST


Oh well, now the Uk is going somewhere.
Ears in London must have been ringing in preparation of this week talks with EU
ECJ is a good thing.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:08 PM CEST


A non-story. In order for there to be any transition beyond March 2019 there would have to be negotiations. And by ‘negotiations’ I do not mean another few months of EU navel-gazing during which the EU insititutions and EU27 talk to each other behind closed doors and then present the UK with a series of non-negotiable demands (which is exactly what would happen if by some miracle the EU dropped its 3 demands).

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:13 PM CEST

Jaun Kerr


Noooo… I cant take any more nogotiations ?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:16 PM CEST

Deirdre Walsh

There is no new concession on ECJ, we need to start the ball rolling on borders, guards. Customs etc. Not deal IS better than a bad deal.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:30 PM CEST


still many things to concede yet. the clock is still ticking

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:33 PM CEST


But only if the UK agrees to a withdrawal deal involving an implementation period with the EU by March 2019 and only if there has been negotiations on the framework for a new trade deal after 2019. So too many “ifs” for that to be taken seriously.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:38 PM CEST


@ Deirdre Walsh
Yes yes, typical “we need .. bla-bla”
You voted once for such politicians – I mean die hard nationalists – now get a grip of yourself it’s out of your hands.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:39 PM CEST

Blue Stilton

I don’t see there will be any deal. It will end up a stalemate on WTO terms, then real dialogue may take place. I am not holding my breath though.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:41 PM CEST


@ LastTempoInParis

There are no mainstream ‘die-hard nationalist’ politicians in the UK. You seem to be confusing the UK with France, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, etc. In short, you seem to be confusing the UK with the EU. Do enjoy your EU nationalisms after we’ve left!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:43 PM CEST


@ Steuersklave
Just teasing .. kkkkkk
Sure I know the Uk doesn’t have any mainstream nationalist
The last one aka Nigel Farage works now for Fox News
… kkkkkk

Posted on 10/9/17 | 7:55 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

“still many things to concede yet. the clock is still ticking”

Oh, but I can’t be arsed. ? You drive for a while.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:03 PM CEST

Henry 5th


I remember you ! ?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:07 PM CEST


“There are no mainstream ‘die-hard nationalist’ politicians in the UK. You seem to be confusing the UK with France, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, etc. In short, you seem to be confusing the UK with the EU. Do enjoy your EU nationalisms after we’ve left!”

This is possibly one the silliests and most detached from reality statement ever. Are you a russian or north korean troll?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:12 PM CEST


@ LastTempoInParis

Nigel Farage was/is an EU Parliamentarian, where his UKIP gang is massively outnumbered by nasty ultra-right MEPs from other EU countries. Whenever Farage has tried to stand in UK elections he has failed miserably.

Try harder.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:21 PM CEST


@ andrea

You’re the one behaving like a troll. Care to mention any serious British equivalent to Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Sweden Democrats, True Finns, AfD, and so on? And by ‘serious’ I don’t mean some freaky internet site or some UKIP nutter in the EU Parliament. I mean ‘serious’ like Marine Le Pen getting 35% of the vote.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:26 PM CEST


Theresa May is headless, as the rest of Little England after Brexit. The Brits want trade, but the have nothing to trade: no technology. And above all, the Brits cozy-up to Donald Trump. Shame on them! Trump is the most despicable man who won USA elections. The Brits are so weak as to do this man. The Brits are so weak!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:31 PM CEST


@ Europeann

You and your haikus!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:41 PM CEST


The Uk is going nowhere. A divided country! Headless!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:53 PM CEST


Transition = more of the same please for 2 more years. C’mon!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:58 PM CEST


Theresa May does not recognize the ECJ, as a cornerstone of the EU. As such she has fortfieited the EU.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 8:59 PM CEST


Yes are correct and Eu need to start conceding if they don’t want to lose their fish, loans and Eu budget! The clock is ticking

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:10 PM CEST


@ Steuersklave
So you belong to the Silly Deniers Party ? Didn’t know, now I do

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:16 PM CEST



Yay andrea is here. Let loose the dogs of xenophobia.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:19 PM CEST

Banana rEUpublic

Day 1 after brexit..Airbus announces plans to move the production line for airbus wings from UK to Toulouse.

UK announces airbus wings can no longer be exported from the UK but the employees will be paid as usual by the government. Export licences for the production lines are withheld and Airbus realises no planes will roll off the production lines for the 5 years it will take to set up a new manufacturing facility in the EU. Airbus collapses.

How’s that “no technology” working out for you @Europeann?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:35 PM CEST


How did this suddenly becomes news?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:40 PM CEST


“Transition = more of the same please for 2 more years. C’mon!”

You’re welcome.

Always in our shadow.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:45 PM CEST


Theresa May is bluffing. She does not accept the ECJ, also because her brexiterérs don´t. She bluffs to stay in power. Otherwise, the Brits are headless. Take all Brits back to your Island, care for them with your failed NHS, and feed them tea and scones. The british pensioners sunnying themselves on Mediterranean shores, as well as the British real estate sharsks operating there, should leave to their rocky island. They have much to do for their Little England after brexit. Away with the Brits! Make them fruit-pickers in Norwich! They can couple-up with Prince Charles bio farms. What a wonderful world this UK could be!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:45 PM CEST


If Nigel Farage had been up against David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn pre-June 2016 in a French-style run-off, I’m willing to bet he would have scored a lot higher than 35%.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 9:48 PM CEST


If the Brits were so radiant and so cock-sure of their brexit, they wouldn´t bother to post.
The Little Englanders are bust in their economy, and they know it. The Brits keep on their mantra of trade. But what the hell do they they have to trade? No technology! Little England imports chlolrine chickens from its brother USA, and bananas from Latin America. They import German cars for the well-to-do, for Little England produces no cars of their own. The UK is utterly dependent of imports to keep up its lefestyle. And these people want tade? What the hell do you have to export? Price Charles´ s bio marmalade?
Scottish lamb and salmon are still covetted products for top restaurants, but not for mainstream EU consumers.
The Brits and their trade mantra are only a sign of their weakness. Their economy has long been based on banksters and real estate-sharks, in cohoots with Arab sheiks.
The UK, as such, has long left the EU.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:18 PM CEST


Article 50 – The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:28 PM CEST


So a hard brexit could be agreed by the UK simply saying “up yours, that’s the agreement”.

Then you needn’t wait til march 2019; it’s all over.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:29 PM CEST


The Little Englanders have one easy solution to their country´s wooes: make all unemployed British youth become fruit-pickers, plumbers, masons, brick.layers, cement mixers, ironmasons, construction workers, and otherwise trades. The decayed houses in the UK need such people. And this will keep your youth from playing havock on southern European shores. Keep them for yourselves! Put them to work for your country!

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:39 PM CEST


May does even hardly have the power to define her transition, because the hard Brexiteers get allergic reactions to ECJ. But to anybody with a little understanding of Brexit it must have been obvious that there is no transition without ECJ. Why the turmoil now?
May faces the same problem as Trump with his Health Care. She can hardly move without pissing off half of her followers. EU can only watch and wait and hope the damage will not be too big.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:48 PM CEST

Banana rEUpublic

We Brits can smell your fear! It smells like Junckers peepee mattress after two bottles of brandy. Oh dear Europeann, go back to your hairy women, cabbage food, pesticide eggs and europop. We laugh as we watch your trained european doctors pull up mouldy potatoes in our damp fields because even that is a pay rise for them.
We laugh as every spare room in england has 7,8, or 9 Europeans in it looking for work washing our Jaguars and Range Rovers…and we charge them half their wages for a turn on the bed at night and a candle to keep warm by.

Oh dear Europeann, you pay your taxes to train all your european nurses then they wipe British bottoms for little euros. But who will wipe Europeans bottoms with no nurses left? Lol

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:57 PM CEST

François P

Today’s speech ended differently than I expected. All the talk was about ‘the ball is now in EU’s court’. But the real news of the day is that May happily crushed Rees-Mogg and joyfully trampled over Johnson’s red lines. There will be a lot of theatrics in the next few weeks, and then suddenly there will be an agreement on the financial settlement coming totally out of the blue. Probably in November.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:58 PM CEST


“If Nigel Farage had been up against David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn pre-June 2016 in a French-style run-off, I’m willing to bet he would have scored a lot higher than 35%.”

If my Uncle had t|ts he’d be my Aunty.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 10:59 PM CEST

Marg uerita

@Europeann. You go on and on like a dementia sufferer. Same old rubbish over and over. Perhaps it’s therapy for you to spill out your poison.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:00 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

@Marg uerita

Re: Europeann, she’s pretty though but her breath does tend to small a little.

@François P
Yep, from the EU, backing down is such sweet sorrow….

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:21 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

@Banana rEUpublic

Phuck, he doesn’t spill his dink nor does he wait till he gets to the mattress!
Its in his pants.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:23 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

@François P

And on and on……

The UK is leaving the EU, get over it and you get nothing.
The EU is a filthy stinking cesspit mess of your own making, you sort it.
Cry havoc… And let slips the dogs of war (without the bullets)… ?
Stay home, where I can avoid you…

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:30 PM CEST

Boyan Taksirov

I don’t see a reason for emotions on Brexit. If they want to exit EU – ok, bye, bye.
But if they want a trade agreement, they will have to make concessions, they will not receive it for granted. A trade agreement is much more beneficial to UK, than to EU, no matter how desperate are the attempts from british side to convince everyone in the opposite. If some still doubts, they could just compare EU and UK economics.
Yes, EU is not flexible on that issue, and this is how it should be. A lot more is on stake than the EU-UK trade and relations. Everyone should clearly understand, that a state can not have only the benefits of EU without any sufficient contribution. This is about the EU integrity and future.

Personally, I am glad that UK exits. They were never truly devoted to the european cause. UK rather acted as a US trojan horse in EU politics, they blocked and obstructed the EU integrity process, hindering the EU engine – the French-German alliance to move EU further, and were working(and still are) for a discord between western and central european members.

So, good bye UK, and remember – if you want something from EU, you will have to pay for it.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:31 PM CEST


@Banana rEUpublic

Wicked mate, wicked, but so TRUE.
Still its better than than pulling beetroot. ?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:34 PM CEST

Jack Boot

@Boyan Taksirov

Hey the UK would like a trade deal for all concerned, both beneficial for the EU and the UK. How much will you pay for access to the UK market is the only question… If you don’t want a trade deal it is of no consequence you are quite welcome to simply phuck off.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:38 PM CEST


Theresa May speaks here or there, as it suits her. The ECJ is an EU institution. Either the Brits accept it or they must deny the whole of the EU. There is no cherry-picking!!! The Brits after Brexit must fend for themselves. Africa? British exports are so 3rd-world level that only the ex-british colonies could have an interest in them. Australia and New Zealand have long become successful countries, ALSO with IMMIGRANT workers in their midst.
Only lIttle England doesn´t seem to get its head together, neither in the EU, nor in the wider world.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:45 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

@Boyan Taksirov

“The French-German alliance to move EU further, and were working(and still are) for a DISCORD between western and central european members.”

You put it far better than I ever could… ?

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:45 PM CEST

Juan Kerr

“Theresa May speaks here or there, as it suits her. The ECJ is an EU institution. ”

Oh give it up, we all know that there is only one institution that you belong to.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:47 PM CEST

Boyan Taksirov

@Jack Boot

It is not only about trade, as I mentioned in my previous post. It is about politics, maintaining the integrity of EU. It is definitely not beneficial for EU if some rogue right wing populist governments, like these in Poland or Hungary, tomorrow decide to secede for EU targeting the same agreement that UK wants today.

If you are in EU, you have a free trade, but if you are out, well, it is a matter of negotiations then, and each side stays for its best interest.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:48 PM CEST

Jack Boot


“EU can only watch and wait and hope the damage will not be too big.”

Why so worried as to make a post?
The damage to you will only be as big as your EU makes it for you, 1 MILLION EU jobs is not so bad for your pride is it ? No more, and no less.

Posted on 10/9/17 | 11:52 PM CEST

Jack Boot

@Boyan Taksirov

Sorry my friend, maybe you misunderstand.
The UK wants to negotiate, and negotiate a fair deal, but the EU does not. The EU only wants to nogotiate. Just because the UK wants to negotiate why all your worry ?
Are you afraid others may follow? Why would they ?
This is NOT politics for the UK but simply principles of fair and open trade with everyone including the EU former counties (now reduced to member states).
giving everyone the opportunity to trade fairly. What is wrong with that?

Posted on 10/10/17 | 12:00 AM CEST

Boyan Taksirov

@Juan Kerr

Why don’t go further, not just citing phrases out of the context, but to be brave enough to rearrange the words in the phrases you cited, to your liking. Be creative!

UK was obstructing any ideas for closer integration between member states, creating an EU army and a common policy.

So it is better for EU and UK to be just neighbours(hopefully good ones).

Posted on 10/10/17 | 12:04 AM CEST

Boyan Taksirov

@Jack Boot

The so called “nogotiation” is just the british interpretation of the EU position in the negotiations. EU defends its best interest, or you think the EU negotiation team are just a bunch of grumpies, making hassles just for the sport?

I don’t think so.

Why other countries would like to exit? It is a complex situation with many sides involved, some of them out of EU. EU is one of the biggest economies in the world. Sure it has its rivals, who like to see it fragmented.
Sure it is not only about the economy, but also comes to the european values, culture and social model, which are somehow different from these in US let’s say.

So, free trade is not for everyone and for every case. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any duties, and the whole world would be one giant free market.

Posted on 10/10/17 | 12:20 AM CEST


UK needs to leave with no deal. UK should declare the city of London a seperate entity from the UK and adopt the Singapore model removing all tariffs and set an ultra low tax rate.
It would cause massive harm to the EU.

Posted on 10/10/17 | 12:26 AM CEST

Jack Boot

@Boyan Taksirov

And what about MY EU citizens rights?
OK, I am UK born and bread, but I have been a member of the EU (a legacy thing) so if I don’t like the UK laws than surely I also have a right to appeal to the EU ECJ?
Or is the EU planting some form of RACRCIAL DISCRIMINATION in the UK?

Posted on 10/10/17 | 1:00 AM CEST

Jack Boot

And, what about my EU citizens rights?
OK, I was born and breed in the UK but I was once an EU citizen. (legacy rights brolax stufish) . If I don’t like UK law I should also be able to appeal to the ECJ….

Someone told me this was a distortion of facts, but I know for a fact (The wife told me) that I see the bottom of a swimming pool just the same as the EU see it.

Posted on 10/10/17 | 1:04 AM CEST

Jack Boot

@Boyan Taksirov

I have no idea if or why other countries would also like to depart the EU, it is of no consequence to me neither is it my concern.. Well, we are off now, adios my friend and be well in your self imposed sales pyramid.
Cordially yours,

Posted on 10/10/17 | 1:19 AM CEST

Jack Boot

@Boyan Taksirov

PS: The term ‘nogotiation’ is entirely my own creation and is entirely my own intellectual property right and is not in anyway transferable.

Posted on 10/10/17 | 1:22 AM CEST

Scott Free


Good one Mac, all is well and sounds good to me ?
Well, subject to the fact that any agreement form the EU would of course scupper (seek to negate) any advantage that the UK might seek….

Posted on 10/10/17 | 1:44 AM CEST

Annette Kurtain

@François P
“suddenly there will be an agreement on the financial settlement coming totally out of the blue. Probably in November.”

This would be a major but welcome shift in the EU’s stance..

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:10 AM CEST



Sleep easy, our northern borders are protected by our beloved Poland and its impenetrable beetroot fields. That will give you 24 hours of respite.
Tend your fields in harmony my dear.
Love, Vishniu.

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:23 AM CEST


this is so annoying…. the uk has still no position on the three key issues and now is discussing the hypothetical transition period, it is begging for, as if the key issues would just disappear. Of cause such a period would be under the rules of the ECJ. It is the UK, that is asking for it, not the other way around.
And reading those arrogant British comments, from those not getting, their economy depends to 40% on the EU and that they do live in a small market, compared the EU single market, directly in front of their doorstep, was funny in the beginning, but starts to make me angry. And it feels, I’m not the only one. There are such ignorant, delude and often nationalist views around here, it hurts reading them. I deeply feel sorry for those, who voted stay and now have to see their country go down because of the arrogance of those brexit-idots.

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:36 AM CEST

Jack Boot


Sorry, what 3 positions are you referring to ?

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:40 AM CEST

Jack Boot


So sorry, I meant ‘positions’

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:43 AM CEST

Jack Boot

Oops I still got it wrong.
I meant ‘issues’ ?

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:45 AM CEST

Juan Ker

All is peace but patience not happy, what about MY EU citizens rights as a UK citizen born and bred in the UK and ecj, an juz what iz appenin to my phuckin money from my uncle UK? This all not so nice and disturbs for my new burro. !

Posted on 10/10/17 | 2:52 AM CEST


@ Jack Boot in your hoesition, i would ignore the content and prefer discussing the spelling too…

you are such a joke…feel free to curse in your native language, i doubt you speak a second

Posted on 10/10/17 | 3:24 AM CEST

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