The construction of the fourth bridge over the Neman in Alytus has been started. According to environmentalists, it will be the highest bridge in Lithuania.

In order to preserve the remains of the old railway bridge, the old remains of the bridge will be used for the construction of a new bridge, reported The new construction will be used as pedestrian and bicycle bridge. Its length 260 m, a width of 7 m, in height more than 30 meters above the Neman river.

The new bridge will be constructed on the old remains of old railway bridge that was blown up by the Russian Empire almost hundred years ago. The most complex work is still ahead. During the summer the steel structures overlap was assembled.

The constructors are searching for a crane over all Europe that will be able to pull up the main construction of the bridge on the “bulls”. The new bridge planned to be completed in June 2015, and then, the infrastructure works will be started.

The construction of the new bridge will cost to Lithuania about 30 million Litas.