During the last Sunday, Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian athletes continued to compete in Sochi Olympic Games. Women athletes from the Baltic states started to compete as well

Women’s sprint biathlon

Lithuania’s Diana Rasimovičiūtė competed yesterday at the 7.5 KM women’s biathlon sprint event and finished the race with 23:18.6 minutes on the track and had two missed shots. This result placed her at the 51st place. While Lithuania had only one athlete in the race, Estonia sent four. Grete Gaim took the 71st place from 84 with 24:18.2 minutes on the race and had also two misses. Darya Yurlova finished the race after 24:01.1 minutes at the 67th place and also missed two shots. Kadri Lehtla, who had four misses, took the 69th place after she spent 24:13.3 minutes on the track. The fourth member of the Estonian team is Johana Talihärm who had not missd even one single shot but she finished the race only at the 48th place with 23:09.3 minutes on the track.

The winner of the event was the Slovakian Anastasiya Kuzmina with great time 21:06.8, the silver medal went to the local athlete Olga Vilukhina who crossed the finish after 21:26.7 minutes on the race, and the third place in the podium belong to Ukrainian’s athlete, Vita Semerenko whose time was 21:28.5.

Cross country skiing

At 30 km men’s skiathlon, all three Baltic states had a participant. Lithuania sent  Vytautas Storyla who finished the first 15 Km classical race at the 65th place with 40:54.7 minutes on the track, and 67th at the last 15 Km freestyle race with time of 39:03.4. This result, places the Lithuanian at the 67th total place with total time of 1:20:37.2.

The Estonian Aivar Rehemaa had better results than the Lithuanian when he finished the classical race at the 48th place with 38:04.3 minutes in the race. During the freestyle event. the Estonia’s athlete improved his time and crossed the finish line 49th after 35:09.3 minutes. His final rank is 51st and he finished the race with total time of 1:13:47.2.

Latvia sent Arvis Liepin6 who was one place before the Lithuanian during the whole event. The classical 15 Km race he finished at the 64th place with 40:44.1 minutes on the track. He took the 66th place at the second freestyle race after 35:09.3 minutes. His total rank was 66th and it took him 1:20:00.1 hours in order to finish the race.

Ski Jumping

The Estonian Athlete Kaarel Nrmsalu failed to reach the final event after he got 95.0 meters and 113.3 points in the semifinals. This result sent him away home earlier than he expected.


Inars Kivlenieks, Kristaps Maurinš, and Martinš Rubenis competed yesterday at the run three and run four in singles luge race. Kivlienieks who finished the first two races at the 15th and 20 places in run one and run two, finished yesterday at the 16th place in run three with 52,347 seconds. His final run was weaker when he finished 17th with 52,379 seconds. Kivlenieks took the total 16th place with 3:30.525 minutes on the track.

Kristaps Maurinš who finished the first two runs at the 23rd and 19th places, finished run four with 52,518 seconds and took the 21st place. During the fourth and final run, the Latvian took the 23rd place with 52,630 seconds and took the total 21st place with total time of 3:31.215 minutes.

Martinš Rubenis who was dominant Latvian during the first two rounds where he finished at the 11th and 7th places, continued to present good performance. In the third round, Rubenis finished 10th with 52.229 seconds. His best result, the Latvian achieved at the fourth round where he finished at the fifth place with great tie 52.133 seconds. The best Latvian took the total 10th place with 3:29.697 minutes on the track.

The winner of the event is the German Felix Loch Ger who finished the all four runs with great time 3:27.526. The silver medalist is the Russian Albert Demchenko whose time is 3:28.002 minutes. The third place in the podium went to the Italian Armin Zöggeler who finished the races with total time of 3:28.797 minutes.