Pope’s words on violence against kids stupid

Pope Francis I last week declared that parents should be allowed to smack their children – on the condition that their dignity was not harmed.

Writing in a guest column for the conservative tabloid Fakt, the Polish feminist Magdalena Środa is outraged:

“This is not the first time the Vatican has expressed this opinion, but it has been a while since a pope came out with such things, namely, the 19th century. And yet psychology has shown us that any form of violence begets new violence. The Pope has not read these reports. No one should be allowed to hit anyone else and that’s that. Violence should be used neither privately nor publicly. Seen this way these are just stupid words coming from someone who clearly has no idea about the impact of violence on young people. What form that violence takes is utterly irrelevant.”


A wake-up call for parents who smack their children