Politicians and Twiter

Today, the political battlefield, or the ‘modern agora’ became to be the social networks.

Since the first stages of democracy in the ancient Greek agora, the citizens tend to take part in political debates with its leaders.

However, it was more hearing action rather than debating action. That’s to say, that the citizens of ancient Greece mostly listened to the statements of the leaders of the polis and not really debated with him.

Mostly, it was the Greek philosophers who debated ethical and political issues. However, it is important to note that not everybody was allowed to participate in the debates.

In other words, women, slaves, and non-citizens of the polis did not participate in the debates.

Political battlefield – the social networks

Political battlefield - the social networks. Politicians and Twitter

Today, the political battlefield, or the ‘modern agora’ became to be the social networks. And if in ancient agora the debates were among the philosophers, in modern social networks the politicians are more broadcasting than conversing. However, politicians may talk among themselves without collaboration from the citizens. The use of social networks in general, and Twitter in particular by politicians, political journalists and strategists, as well as citizens “has made it an important part of the networked sphere in which political issues are publicly negotiated”.

The Twitter and how it is used

Twitter gang

Twitter considers itself as a conversational tool. The users of this platform can share and discover “what happening in the world right now”.

Twitter’s users are sharing their thoughts and experience of the instance moment and at the same time can follow the posts of those who they are following.

The tweets are also opened for non-users of this platform. Therefore, it can be assumed that due to its openness, this platform is favoured by politicians who are using this stage for their political statements and for collecting supporters.
Social networks as a political tool.

Serie: Political battlefield – the social networks

The aim of this serie is to examine the previous researches and their methodologies of analyzing the use of social network “Twitter” by politicians and political parties and to suggest its own way for investigation.

  • Part 1 of 4: Politicians and Twitter
  • Part 2 of 4: Social networks as a political tool COMING SOON


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