Aleksandra Kosmopolska on Poland’s lack of morals

logo-pis-900-598Poland’s national-conservative PiS party kicked three MPs out of parliament on Monday for making fraudulent travel expense claims.

The fact that they didn’t resign of their own accord testifies to a lacking sense of social responsibility that is not confined to these three politicians, blogger Aleksandra Kosmopolska comments angrily on the online portal NaTemat:

“I’ve reflected on why Poland is such an odd country with so many political and moral scandals. Statistically more than elsewhere. … After all, all those who are elected come from the same nation. They have the same ethics and the same cultural background. But in [Polish] society a sense of responsibility for the individual and common good is lacking. Moreover the media are only critical when it boosts their circulation. This hinders a political culture in which people resign of their own accord. And that means the political system is not a healthy one.”