British Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday assured his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk and the Polish opposition leader Jarosław Kaczyński (PiS) that Polish workers are very much appreciated in Britain.

Cameron’s populist statements against Eastern Europeans are a boon for Tusk in the run-up to the European elections, the liberal daily Gazeta Wborcza writes.

His attacks are a blow to the PiS – the ally of the British Conservatives. There’s no doubt that Cameron will go on making anti-Polish statements. If he doesn’t radically change his policy, it means that the PiS chairman is not particularly important for Cameron. If Kaczyński now protests and leaves the European Parliament group of which both are members, this would be an admission that the European policy pursued by the PiS so far has failed.

… In fact Tusk would have to thank Cameron for all the help he’s given him in the run-up to these elections.