Immigrant children under Norway’s protection

Several Lithuanians gathered in front of the Norwegian embassy in Vilnius on last Tuesday to protest against Norway’s child protection policy.

The Norwegian child protection organisation Barnevernet had taken some children from Lithuanian families living in Norway into protective custody.

But the fault lies with the Lithuanians themselves, the liberal daily Lietuvos rytas contends:

“According to the Lithuanians living in Norway, their children were taken away because of trivialities – or for no reason whatsoever. However it must be assumed that these families who have lost their children and are understandably distressed are not telling the whole truth.

… Norway passed a very strict child protection law in 1953 which bans any form of mental or physical punishment. Three generations have grown up there for whom it goes without saying that you can’t spank an unruly child – not even lightly.

… The Lithuanians need to understand that they must obey the laws of the country they live in, whether they want to or not.”