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Ten restaurants fell subject to White Guide scrutiny in Lithuania

The prestigious White Guide Nordic restaurant guide has given an excellent evaluation of the restaurants in Lithuania. Among the first-rated restaurants in the Baltic countries, having won the highest ratings, six are from Lithuania.

The highest ranking-restaurant to climb the fourth place in the list of 30 best Baltic restaurants was Sweetroot, the sixth place – Gastronomika (Vilnius), the ninth – Telegraph (Vilnius), the tenth – Monai (Klaipėda), the twelfth –Dublis (Vilnius), the twenty-second – Uoksas (Kaunas). Good ranking was also given to Gaspar’s (Vilnius), Lauro lapas (Vilnius), Monte Pacis (Kaunas) and Bučeris (Vilnius).

Riga’s Vincents tops the list of the best Latvians restaurants in the Baltic countries.

“The Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden have told us that the Nordic gourmets look for White Guide’s ranking when opting for a place to eat out. It is a sort of a guarantor of reliability and quality. We are proud to have as many as 10 restaurants in Lithuania to have joined the prestigious community and thus entered the so-called gastronomic tourist map. Culinary experiences are becoming increasingly important in tour planning”, says Director of the State Tourism Department Jurgita Kazlauskienė.

As regards the participation in the White Guide ranking, the State Tourism Department cooperated with Kaunas Municipality and NGO GO Vilnius. The experts consulted the Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

“The Baltic countries have very distinctive culinary traditions that they are proud of, the special climate conditions, and what is surprising is that through their excellence in managing seasonalities they achieve a stunning similarity to the Nordic gastronomy, at times surpassing it. If the Baltic countries and their cuisine continues to evolve at the current pace, it is definite that more and more people will be willing to discover Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as countries worth a visit”, claims White Guide Editor in Chief for the Baltics, Anna Michelson Bodemark.

White Guide 2017 event in Stockholm involved the participation of the State Department of Tourism, Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden, representatives of the Lithuanian community in Stockholm, as well as the chefs of well-rated restaurants, Liutauras Čeprackas, Vytautas and Kristina Samavičiai, Mher Gevorkajan, etc.

Restaurants were rated by professional evaluators based on 100-point system: 40 points for food, and 20 points for service, drinks, the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The White Guide was first published back in 2005. Having earned gourmet recognition, the Guide offers the reviews of 325 restaurants in Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland, as well as 60 restaurants in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and provide recommendations for 2017.

Lithuanian cousine
Lithuanian cousine

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