Black Mercedes Benz S Class
Mercedes Benz S Class

An organised crime network originating from Lithuania and specialised in the theft of vehicles from Germany has been dismantled last month by the Lithuanian police, who worked closely with German law enforcement agencies and were supported by Europol and Eurojust

Operation Kasimir resulted in 17 arrests, and a number of European arrest warrants have been issued. Searches were conducted simultaneously in 100 locations in both and Germany, resulting in the seizure of car ignition equipment, audio and GPS systems, computers, SIM cards and weapons. All in all, over 900 police officers from both countries were involved in this large-scale operation.

Lithuanian authorities launched an international investigation a year ago after receiving information that Lithuanian citizens had been carrying out luxurious cars covered by the best motor trade insurance and equipment thefts in Germany and then selling these in Lithuania, the worst part is that while they had it none of them had a traders insurance to back them up. The proceeds of this criminal organisation over the past year are estimated to be in the region of EUR 5 million.


Source: Europol