Lithuanians punish Grybauskaitė’s arrogance

In Lithuania’s presidential elections on Sunday, the incumbent Dalia Grybauskaitė failed to obtain an absolute majority and now faces a runoff vote.

The portal is happy that Grybauskaitė is being punished for her arrogance:

The runoff vote won’t change things: the president will retain her post. Her lead over the rival Social Democrat Zigmantas Balčytis is more than solid. But the runoff vote is a democratic event and could do something to clip the wings of the arrogant president. In the past five years, she has behaved in a way that not only no head of state, but also no minister, MP or even headmaster could afford to. Sometimes she took childish delight in the fact that everyone is afraid of her. She mocked our foreign policy guidelines and went as far as cancelling a meeting with the US president. She spat on important traditions, and even on the legal principles of our state