You are living in Lithuania and you bought a new car aboard? Your new car will not be registered until it will not pass the vehicle inspection.  You were involved in a serious accident? According to the new law your car may be as well lose its registration. The new law will get in power since July first. Car owners whose insurance or inspection has been passed will have to renew it or their cars will be removed from registration.

Under the new order , vehicles whose condition does not meet the requirements, can not be members of the traffic. This measure will be applied in cases if the vehicle does not passed or has the inspection or in case that the vehicle was involved in serious accident the documents about the inspection will be invalidated.

Permission to participate in the traffic will also be invalidated in cases that the vehicle will not be insured against accidents and in cases if the state taxes will not be payed. The law says that the reasons due to which the car was banned from moving, should be rectified within 90 days. If not, the vehicle’s registration will be removed. Important to note that the registration may be stopped also by the owner of the vehicle in cases that his vehicle not in use like motorcycle in winter period. But if the owner wants to use his vehicle again, the registration has to be renewed by one year.


Photo: Vilnius, Lithuania | © by Ingvar Henry Lotts