The Visaginas Committee of the Lithuanian Red Cross  will team up with its counterparts from Norway and Belarus to improve emergency response practices

It was informed on the eve of the event (on March 2) that the Norwegian Red Cross is going to sign a tripartite partner agreement with the Vitebsk Oblast Office of the Belarusian Red Cross Society and the Visaginas Committee of the Lithuanian Red Cross.

The agreement is meant to improve emergency response practices and home care services in the three countries.

In Belarus  has been running a program to train Red Cross members and volunteers to prevent and respond to emergency situations in cooperation with the local emergency service.

The organization has a cross-country vehicle, modular frame-supported tents, boats, life-saving vests, expandable furniture sets, thermo-blankets and other tools to help people in an emergency situation. The organization also had a strategic reserve meant for 100 people. The reserve included food supplies, hygiene sets, blankets, bed clothing and clothing. The reserve came in handy when Ukrainian refugees started arriving in Belarus.

The organization is running 18 international cooperation programs this year. Instead of the project to improve the sisters of charity service that completed in 2014, Swiss partners suggested embarking on projects to promote a healthy lifestyle.