Latvia continues to surprise. Yesterday, February 15th, Latvia won its third medal in Winter Olympic games in Sochi Russia. After two bronze medals in luge, Martinš Dukurs won the silver medal in men’s skeleton.

Latvia is the single Baltic state to win medals in current Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Martinš Dukurs won the third medal for Latvia. he competed in men’s skeleton event. 0.81 seconds he was far from the gold when he finished second with total time 3:45.10 minutes. In the first run, the Latvian stopped the clock after 56.18 seconds and was placed second. During the next run he also got the second best time when he crossed the finish after 56.37 seconds. Dukurs’s third run was perfect when he got the best time in the run finishing it with 56.26 seconds and after 56.29 in the fourth run he finally celebrated the silver medal.

Alexandr Tretjyakov
Alexandr Tretjyakov celebrating the victory | Photo


His brother, Tomass Dukurs, was close to take the bronze when he finished with total time of 3.47:58 minutes and 0.32 seconds after the bronze winner, the American Mathew Antoine who finished the race with total time of 3:47.26 minutes. The winner of the event was the Russian Alexandr Tretiyakov whose total time was 3:44.29.