Latvia’s Media Council too pro-Russian

Two government and two opposition parties are demanding the dissolution of Latvia’s National Electronic Mass Media Council. They accuse the body of being far too lenient regarding Russian propaganda. The national conservative daily Latvijas Avize also calls for a more stringent supervisory body, arguing that the Latvian state is too pro-Russian:

A few attempts to curb Russian propaganda were made last year when the Media Council banned the broadcasting of several Russian TV channels. Now it’s far more convenient to dream of a new Russian-language TV channel in which one could invest millions, and wait to see how the new product goes down with the Russians. They aren’t thinking of the political or ideological aspects this time: why does the state still cling to the idea of introducing Russian as a second official language even though the Latvians rejected this in a referendum?

… This could contribute to further Russification of the country. Therefore the desire for a more stringent media supervisory body is justified.