Alexei Kholostov

Riga denounces the expulsion of a former Latvian parliament member from Russia on suspicion of espionage

Latvia is concerned over the expulsion of former Latvian lawmaker Alexei Kholostov from Russia on a charge of espionage, the ministry’s spokesperson said.

“Russia’s actions are deplorable and bewildering,” Latvia’s Foreign Ministry press secretary Karlis Eihenbaums told Baltic News Service Sunday, Nov. 16.

On Sunday, Russian NTV channel reported that Russia’s Federal Security Service detained former member of the Latvian Saeima (parliament) Alexei Kholostov, accused of collecting intelligence data. The channel showed Kholostov admit being tasked by the Latvian intelligence agencies to collect military and political data.

Kholostov was reported as saying that he had been recruited by Latvia’s Security Police seven years ago. He served as a member of Saeima in the period 2010 – 2013.