Zed asks Bieber to publicly apologize

[one_half]Celebrities like musician Justin Bieber should display highest level of responsibility in everything they did as millions of teens and tweens worldwide emulated them, religious statesman Rajan Zed stated in Nevada (USA) today.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a statement, said that Bieber should publicly apologize to his fans and the world for his reported actions in Florida on January 23 and take a vow of “wholeheartedly” undertaking the project of preventing kids from alcohol/drugs addiction.

World needed to produce better role models to take our children in the right direction, otherwise impact of role models like Bieber, 19, would be devastating to impressionable teens of the world who would be our leaders of tomorrow, Rajan Zed pointed out.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Zed further said that it was the time to talk to our teens and tweens explaining that driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana should not be “part of growing up”, for which Bieber was reportedly charged with on January 23. We needed to create personal strengths in our teens and tweens so that they were not impacted by bad role models like Bieber who seemed to have lost his way.

As millions of young fans breathe and live Bieber and were devoted faithfully to his every action and word, he should try to set a positive example for them and become a real hope for worldwide teens. Bieber should immediately stop being a negative influence on our youth, Rajan Zed added.[/one_half_last]


Justin Bieber charged with drunk driving, drag racing in Florida

[one_half]Teen pop star Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach early on Thursday on a drunken driving charge after he was caught drag racing on a main thoroughfare in a rented yellow Lamborghini, police said.

The 19-year-old Canadian singer initially resisted arrest, cursed at police officers and later told them he had consumed alcohol, pot and prescription drugs, police said. A judge set his bail at $2,500.

He was later released and escorted from jail by correctional officers. Wearing a hoodie and dark sunglasses, Bieber climbed on top of a waiting SUV to wave to fans.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]”He’s everything to me,” said Amanda Perez, a 19-year-old fan. “This came out to be a disaster but I still love him from the bottom of my heart.”

“The rough times he is going through, all of his fans have to be here to support him,” said Salynn Chiong, 20, adding she hoped he goes into rehab “and takes a break from the chaos he is living in.”

Bieber’s arrest is his most serious run-in with the law during a year in which his erratic behavior has ranged from allegations of speeding through his gated community near Los Angeles to heated scuffles with paparazzi.[/one_half_last]