In the open letter, the leadership of the Free Party describe the steps taken by Spain’s central government as a means of force that “leaves no room for the free will democratically expressed by the people and for a dialogue with the authorities”, BNS reported on Wednesday.

“As the prime minister of the EU presidency, you must know how much concern the silence of European heads of state causes in European citizens when such methods of force are used. We are particularly concerned about the silence of the government of Estonia. The Estonian presidency of the European Council is more than just organizing meetings. It can be successful only if we try and find solutions during the presidency also to the most difficult of problems,” the party wrote to Ratas.

The European Union is a project of peace, therefore it is obliged to ensure the prevention of conflicts as well as their peaceful settlement, the party said. “It is our duty to sound the alarm before there are political prisoners, discrimination, the violation of human rights, and a long-term conflict is created in a member state of the European Union,” the Free Party wrote.

They called on Ratas and the government to act “very soon” to counteract “undemocratic tendencies in Spain”, and to prevent those tendencies from becoming commonplace in Europe.