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Marian Pahars (5 August 1976, Chornobai – now Ukraine) achieved a lot as a professional footballer. From small Latvia, Pahars went on to become a true symbol for many Southampton supporters as well as Latvian fellows. After hanging his boots, it did not take a long time to see Pahars on a football pitch. This time, though, on the bench.

After a short spell as manager of the Latvian National U21 Football Team, Pahars took over the senior team when Starkovs’ era came to an end, bringing a much needed wave of fresh air into the Latvian National Football Team. Pahars managed to make a possitive impact and is now set to start a new era for Latvian football with the Euro 2016 Qualifying stage.

One Nil Up had the pleasure to interview Pahars in such challenging as well as exciting moment. This is the video of the conversation we had with Marian Pahars.