Finland missing Russian tourists

Fewer Russian tourists have come to Finland in recent years than previously due to the weakness of the rouble.

There is no sign that this will change anytime soon, the liberal daily Lapin Kansa observes:

“It’s proof of the sector’s resilience that it has been able to weather the collapse in Russian tourism in the north. The beds that were not booked by Russians were filled by customers from other countries, primarily Asia. That doesn’t mean Lapland has forgotten about the Russians. On the contrary, the sector is feverishly hoping they will return, because that would give it an unprecedented surge in growth. Nevertheless it looks like such a turnaround will be a long time coming. Things will only change here if the rouble appreciates considerably in value. And for that to happen the price of oil – which is so crucial for the Russian economy – must rise. But for the moment nothing points in that direction.”