More than photostock: The Baltic Media Stock “Everything about the Baltics” is a new community and photostock for the Baltics fans and photographers

The newspapers “Die Baltische Rundschau” and “The Baltic Review” have launched a new media project – “The Baltic Media Stock – Everything about the Baltics”.

This media project will be used as a database of pictures, audio and video materials on the theme “Everything about the Baltics“.

This service is designed and suitable for photographers, massmedia and private persons.

The BALTIC MEDIA STOCK’s members can buy and sell images for use in all their design projects including websites, advertisements, and presentations.

The editorials of “Die Baltische Rundschau” and “The Baltic Review” are asking all Baltics fans to participate and help in the development of this service.

The profits earned by this service will be used by the editorials of “Die Baltische Rundschau” and “The Baltic Review”to support young journalists and independent news-coverage from the Baltics.