Only fools fighting over Rail Baltica

In the row over the high-speed railway Rail Baltica Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs Juhan Parts has described members of the Lithuanian government as “fools”, triggering disgruntlement among diplomats.

The reason for his remarks in the Wall Street Journal is Lithuania’s demand that a train stop in its capital, Vilnius, be incorporated into the plans.

Instead of hurling insults at each other the Baltic states should focus on cooperation, the liberal daily Postimees admonishes:

If both sides start calling each other names like Parts has done, there will be no train. This would be a major loss for us in comparison to the Lithuanians. We’re 600 kilometres further from the heart of Europe. Moreover, the three Baltic states represent a real ‘boon’ for Brussels right now: the money [for the railway line] has been promised to them, but the six million idiots can’t manage to reach an agreement and get the railway finished.