Estonia’s burqa debate mere diversion tactics

The Estonian Minister of Social Affairs proposed a ban on burqas last week.

But the debate on the full veil is a phantom problem, writes opposition member Heimar Lenk in the liberal daily Eesti Päevaleht:

At last a topic has been found that can keep Estonians from thinking about their day-to-day worries.

Just imagine how dangerous the three women in burqas are as they stroll Estonia’s streets.

… But the outcry reaches to the skies! Opinion pieces are published, stories are researched, these Muslim women have already been compared with the ‘little green men’ in the Ukraine crisis [the Russian units that occupied Crimea].

No doubt these burqas conceal 5.56mm Galil rifles. But why aren’t the fur muffs worn by Estonian women being banned as well?

They can also conceal a pistol. And why do we let Orthodox monks and nuns roam the streets in their long black robes?