Even 156 refugees too many for Estonians

The EU states agreed last Thursday to take in refugees on a voluntary basis rather than introducing a quota system.

Estonia could take in up to 156 refugees, according to its interior minister, but the tabloid Õhtuleht is sceptical:

156 may be less than the 1000 stipulated by the quota system.

… Nonetheless this raises many questions and rational and irrational fears owing to ignorance still exist. Do we know who is coming to us and do we have a plan for what to do with them? How will those to be taken in be chosen, and how much say will Estonia have about which refugees come to live here? How will the state convince the local authorities and how can they fulfil the high demands – accommodation, kindergartens, schools and jobs?

… The government must explain to Estonians why our unemployed don’t have health insurance while the refugees do.