The 14 Estonian ship guards released from prison on Nov. 28 are expected to receive their long-awaited exit visas from Indian authorities on Tuesday, and plane tickets to Estonia have already been booked for the men in anticipation.

ERR correspondent Tarmo Maiberg, who is currently in India, told ERR’s radio news that Ministry of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Annely Kolk and Consul Mats Kuuskemaa are to arrange with the freed ship guards to go to the Foreign Registry Office together to receive the men’s long-awaited exit visa.

“Plane tickets have been successively booked,” he said. “Since they didn’t make it yesterday, [the tickets] had to be canceled, but plane tickets are booked for today as well.”

According to Maiberg, the men have also received a list of banned items so they can look over their affects and luggage and ensure that they do not break any rules on their way to their flight.