The dangerous Latvian habit of burning grass

Each spring the previous season’s grass is burned from fields in Latvia. That is not only harmful to nature, it also puts human lives at stake, the weekly magazine Ir writes in anger:

It’s sad, but the grass burning in the springtime means just as much to many people as Midsummer in June or Christmas in December. Each year, depressing statistics list the fire damage, but nothing changes. The problem is that people seldom think about the consequences. The burning destroys valuable plants and birds’ nests. Insects and small animals are killed. Has anyone thought about what we will leave to the next generation? We prefer to save a few euros and burn the grass, instead of mowing it in the autumn.

… And what happens when a fire breaks out in a house and human lives are at stake, but the fire brigade can’t come because they’re too busy putting out the fire in a burning field?