Japanese tourists
Japanese tourists

Baltics receive tourism award in Japan

The award was accepted by Estonian Tourist Board director Tarmo Mutso and his Latvian and Lithuanian counterparts as well as the Baltic countries’ foreign tourism representative Shigeyoshi Noto, Enterprise Estonia said.

According to Mutso, Enterprise Estonia highly values tourism cooperation with Latvia and Lithuania.

“It is not just a banner; it is a real understanding of the importance of our tourism cooperation,” he added.

The greatest number of Asian tourists who visit Estonia come from Japan, and thus it is important to continue promoting the Baltic countries as a tourism destination, Mutso said. “Last year, Japanese tourists spent nearly 39,000 nights in Estonia which is 2.4 times as many as five years before,” he added.


In Lithuania, Japanese tourists feel at home

“I am convinced that Lithuania can offer the Japanese tourists what other Baltic countries cannot: the heritage of the highly-valued Chiune Sugihara and the strong Lithuanian connection with the nature. In Lithuania the Japanese feel at home and one of the reasons for this phenomenon, in my opinion, is the long-cherished Lithuanian paganism, which is quite close to the Japanese due to its similarities to Shinto – one of the major religions in Japan.” – said Egidijus Meilunas, the former ambassador of Lithuania in Japan, the Business Ambassador 2014 at the Lithuanian Business Confederation Awards.

In 2014, Lithuania was visited by a Japanese traveller and culinary chef Asami Kuchio, who prepared and published a detailed and richly-illustrated book on travels around Lithuania My Favourite Lithuania. The 144-page book, written by Asami Kuchio, the traveller, culinary chef and an author of already twelve books, contains her impressions about travelling in Lithuania, where she was mesmerized by the beauty of the nature, Lithuanian respective attitude towards historical heritage and cherished traditions.

Invited by the VTD, in 2014, Lithuania was visited by the journalists of the Skyward magazine, owned by the Japanese JAL airlines. The newest issue of Skyward magazine, which has a circulation of more than 3 million copies, contains an article about places to visit in Lithuania, as well as a novel dedicated to our country, written by Asado, one of the most famous contemporary Japanese writers.

Invited by the VTD and the Embassy of Lithuania in Japan, this summer Lithuania will be visited by the creative team of the particularly popular Ku-nel lifestyle magazine.

Japan is the fastest-growing market of Lithuanian incoming tourism in Asia.
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