Since he was abducted and taken to Moscow last week, the Estonian counter-intelligence officer Eston Kohver has been held in the jail of the Russian secret service FSB in Moscow, according to sources in Tallinn

The liberal daily Eesti Päevaleht asks where Estonia’s allies are, because apart from the US, Latvia and Lithuania, no other countries have so much as issued statements on the abduction:

If what we’re dealing with is a kidnapping on Estonian territory, our neighbor has committed an aggression [Russia maintains Kohver was apprehended on Russian soil].

… The fact that the Estonian officer was kidnapped immediately after the speech in which Barack Obama promised US help and protection points to an attempt on Russia’s part to show how little such affirmations mean. In such a situation one would at least expect our allies to ask their Russian ambassadors how they can explain a kidnapping carried out on the territory of a NATO and EU member.”