MOSCOW, /TASS/ — Accusations issued to Russian diplomats in Lithuania are a typical instance of Russophobia, Alexander Lukashevich, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesman told a news briefing on Thursday.

He said it in a comment on an annual report by Lithuania’s State Security Deparment that said, among other things, about a third of Russian diplomats accredited in Lithuania have links to secret services.

“It’s really difficult to describe this screed otherwise than as an odious sample of Russophobia,” Lukashevich said.

“Accusations of Russian diplomats with subversive activities, the espionage hysteria, and hallucinations over the presence of Moscow’s arm in all spheres of the social and public life in Lithuania, as well as it’s the allegations of its involvement in all the problems found in the country offers a testimony to an obsessive willingness to fulfill a political order and to prop up the anti-Russian line taken by the Lithuanian leaders.”

“We’re like to tell our Lithuanian counterparts it isn’t proper to utilize such ostentatious lies,” he said.