The Centre Party suffered heavy losses in the city of Narva on the Russian border in local elections held in Estonia on the weekend, despite the fact that it is generally popular with the Russian-speaking minority there.

estcp  Estonia's ruling parties taught a lesson estcpThe ruling parties are being punished for not catering for the country’s Russian-speaking citizens, the liberal daily Eesti Päevaleht concludes:

The Social Democrat Yevgeny Ossinovski won more than 2,400 votes in Narva and almost toppled the ruling Centre Party. This shows that Russian-speaking voters want more alternatives than the supposed father figure Edgar Savisaar [of the Centre Party] and politicians who don’t give a hoot about them. The [Reform] party of the prime minister didn’t even deem it necessary to set up its own list in eastern Estonia.

… So we are seeing how two ruling parties are trying to tell the people what to do and giving the impression that the name Savisaar is synonymous with ‘Russian’ and therefore with corruption. It’s dangerous to marginalise a sizeable proportion of a state’s citizens like this.

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