At Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, a new service has recently sprung up; a sexual service area in the airport’s duty free section


Elegantly attired girls and women from Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Russia – not allowing men to succumb to the tedium of waiting for their flights – are instead fulfilling their sexual desires.

These elite prostitutes come into Amsterdam on the morning flights and work all day. In the evening, they return home to Vilnius, Sofia, Bucharest, and Moscow.

Our correspondent at Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) explains that the women do not actually enter The Netherlands, instead remaining at all times in the Duty-Free Zone.

There are two hotels at the airport which can be used for these intimate encounters. For those who are in a hurry, however, such meetings may be held in the toilets.

An officer with KLM believes that: “these sex-workers must make a lot of money; otherwise they wouldn’t fly to and from Amsterdam on a daily basis.” It certainly is a creative approach to work.

As prostitution is legal in The Netherlands, airport authorities cannot sanction these sexual services. All they can do is ensure that everything remains in hand.

In the words of the representative of the Dutch Border Police: “We just passively observe what is happening, only intervening in the case of complaints or accusations against the prostitutes.”

“The Red Thread” (De Rode Draad) – a Dutch advocacy support group for prostitutes – has a positive attitude towards to the new phenomenon.

Speaking to the Baltic Review, Metje Blaak – an employee of The Red Thread – said: “Whores are just creative in their work! If the women are doing this voluntarily, and not as victims of trafficking, then we really have no objection to it; they’ve sold themselves before.”

This profitable niche market is also open to homosexuals and in Schiphol Airport, young men from Russia and the Czech Republic are gathering.

The Netherlands is the fourth largest country in Europe. Approximately 45 million passengers pass through Schiphol Airport every year, many of whom face long waits for flight transfers. Now, they have the opportunity to pass this time more enjoyably; at the casino, in the restaurants and shops or in the release of sexual frustrations.

Schiphol Airport’s new slogan could be: “Fly, buy, have sex and go!”


Translated from Russian. Original: БАЛТИЙСКОЕsex in Amsterdam Duty-Free sex in Amsterdam – Prostitutes showing a creative attitude to their work brgravator1 ОБОЗРЕНИЕ

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