BBC Panorama: Euro 2012 - Stadiums Of Hate 3796acb2428723c6ba83bd4174a92f0dBBC Panorama investigates Polish and Ukrainian racists and ultras, just days before the kick off to Euro 2012.

With just days to go before the kick-off of the Euro 2012 championships, Panorama reveals shocking new evidence of racist violence and anti-semitism at the heart of Polish and Ukrainian football and asks whether tournament organiser UEFA should have chosen both nations to host the prestigious event.

Reporter Chris Rogers witnesses a group of Asian fans being attacked on the terraces of a Ukrainian premier league match and hears anti-Semitic chanting at games in Poland. And with exclusive access to a far right group in Ukraine which recruits and trains football hooligans to attack foreigners, Panorama asks: how safe will travelling football teams and their supporters be at this summer’s European festival of football?



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  1. Bogdan Zarkowski

    I wholeheartedly agree with the Panorama “Euro 2012 – Theatres Of Hate” programme that racism and anti-semitism should be outlawed within football but I must take issue with the programme misleading the public with a piece of blatant incitement.
    At one point a polish football fan uttered the word “murzyn” which translated into English means “Black (man)” and not “Nigger” as the caption stated.
    This kind of sloppy translation adds fuel to the fire whether intentionally or unintentionally.


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