ex-president Valdis Zatlers   Latvia: Strategy games hinder new government zatlers

ex-president Valdis Zatlers

After the parliamentary elections in Latvia on September 17 the Reform Party (ZRP) founded by ex-president Valdis Zatlers wants to invite Harmony Centre (SC) representing the Russian minority to join it in coalition talks.


The business paper Dienas Bizness is sceptical about the plan:

“This constellation is without doubt interesting but it’s questionable whether it really makes sense for the state, as Zatlers claims.

… A government made up of just the ZRP and the SC is possible in theory. But then we would have to reckon with the most fatal government in Latvia’s recent history because this would mean Latvia being governed by two political forces both of which are basically entirely lacking in experience and it’s an open secret that the SC doesn’t even have sufficient suitable candidates to propose for ministerial posts.

… The ZRP should therefore cease it’s strategy games and sit down with all the parties at the negotiating table to reach an agreement on future cooperation as soon as possible, because Latvia needs a functioning government now.”


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